Teeth can become stained or discoloured from foods and beverages that are more intensely coloured such as coffee, wine, tea and curries. Naturally, some people are also born with their teeth a darker shade through no fault of their own. If you would like a brighter smile, at Atwell Smiles, we can help you achieve the bright and beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming of!

At Atwell Smiles, we can evaluate your existing smile shade and plan an appropriate, personalized treatment approach to give you the best possible whitening results. Rest easy knowing that our methods are proven, effective and efficient as we take you on an in-office journey with results that will leave you feeling brand new and with a newfound confidence. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your teeth, there’s a high chance you rarely smile naturally in photos and while laughing, cover your mouth. Let’s change all of that. Atwell Smiles’ whitening treatment will free you from those restraints and give you back your confidence so you can live happily and to the fullest.

Teeth whitening is a simple treatment that leaves a lasting and positive impact on your life.