Sports Dentistry

Atwell Smiles’ team of dental professionals are firm believers in using the best equipment to help protect the teeth, mouth and jaws of athletes, both young and old. Sports dentistry at our clinic in Perth includes the prevention, protection and treatment of dental injuries for you or your loved ones while playing a contact sport.


With the most frequent type of injury to the face during sports being dental damage, our prevention method includes the creation of custom-made mouth guards in Perth. Heading into emergency treatment for the fracture or loss of a tooth costs more than having a professionally-made custom mouth guards Perth, which is both comfortable and minimizes injury.

Mouthguards prevent dental trauma, concussion, and even facial lacerations by spreading the force of impact. These days most sporting organizations will require athletes and participants to wear one as a form of prevention. In particular, strong recommendations are made for those who compete in sports with a known risk of impact or contact from hard, vigorous or repeated forces. If you or your family participates in boxing, field or ice hockey, martial arts, rugby, football or even gymnastics, netball, cricket or wrestling, come visit us at Atwell Smiles to get fitted for the right mouthguard that will not only protect but will be comfortable for hours of usage. Protect you or your child’s smile if sports are a vital and enjoyable part of your lives.

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Loss of Tooth

Time is the most important factor when trying to save a tooth which has been knocked out during a contact sport, but at Atwell Smiles we can work quickly and efficiently to save it. To have the highest chance of successfully re-implant the tooth, it needs to get to a dentist within 30 minutes, so time is of the essence. Transport the tooth in cold milk (if cold milk isn’t available use saliva, saline or water) inside a Ziploc bag or gladwrap if no container is available. Avoid touching or physically cleaning the root when doing so as the delicate cells on the surface can be damaged easily and lead to a higher risk of re-implantation rejection or resorption. At Atwell Smiles, we offer flexibility in accommodating emergency cases, so rest assured we’ll save your tooth, so act as quickly as possible.

The process of re-implanting a knocked-out tooth in most cases is simple, but at other times it can be complicated particularly if there is also severe bone damage or multiple teeth involved, it’s a case-by-case basis. Our team of professionals will work quickly to flush debris from the socket, stabilize any lose bone and re-implant the tooth with a gentle push under local anesthesia. In most cases, the re-implantation will have to be intensely monitored, very likely with followup root canal treatment to minimize the chance of infection or rejection. That will see the immediate recovery time anywhere between six to eight weeks with life-long monitoring for resorption or rejection required.

Chipped/Cracked Tooth & Displacement

With our advanced methods and technologies, we can save injured teeth from trauma sustained during sports and contact activities. While minor surface chips or fractures do not require immediate care, they should be treated to avoid sharp edges, which can cut the tongue and cheeks. If a tooth is chipped but the pulp is undamaged (the soft tissue in the centre of the tooth that contains the nerve, blood vessels and connective tissue), there are options available for us to smooth out the edges, use a restorative material to replace the missing portion, or in severe cases, fully reconstruct and cover the tooth with a porcelain veneer or crown.

At Atwell Smiles, we also cater for those instances of more severe cracks and chips, as well as displacements whereby the tooth has been pushed to one side, or out of or into its socket. This type of dental injury is more severe and may typically require advanced teeth root canal treatment, splinting or reconstructive procedures. Due to the advanced nature of treatment, the procedure greatly varies depending on the circumstances.

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