Our team of dental professionals in Perth is passionate about educating you and your family on the most effective ways of keeping teeth and gums healthy to last you a lifetime. Dental hygiene is all about providing timely preventative care to avoid discomfort and emergencies, and at the core of Atwell Smiles is the commitment to teach correct methods when it comes to oral health.

Family dentists play a vital role in preventative measures, and we will help you get the most out of your dental hygiene routines. Regular tooth brushing and flossing is crucial but doesn’t remove all the plaque from your teeth. Over time, this small leftover plaque hardens and builds up to form the familiar scaly calculus on the teeth. Over time, the calculus can irritate the gums neighbouring to it and contribute to bleeding, discomfort or even recession. At Atwell Smiles, we will strive to remove this calculus with every check-up and preventive dental treatment to ensure that it does not grow out of control.

Sometimes, despite the best home care, it is possible to get decay in your teeth due to unfortunate quirks of tooth anatomy. We use the best possible diagnostic procedures, radiography and regular monitoring to catch these problems early on to prevent more serious consequences.

When you bring your children in for their check-up, we will take the time to demonstrate the correct brushing of teeth as well as flossing. Our friendly staff will also engage with them in an entertaining and relaxed way about eating a well-balanced diet that limits sugary or starchy foods, using dental products that contain fluoride, and cleaning their little pearly whites both morning and night. These learnt behaviours will form lifelong routines to prevent bleeding and swollen gums, loose teeth, and bad breath.

Poor oral hygiene can be prevented with two simple steps – regular visits to your family friendly dental clinic, and good home care. It all starts with knowledge!

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