Stress Related Dentistry

It’s widely known that stress can cause widespread physical and mental problems, but did you know that your oral health is no exception? It’s a major contributing factor to issues such as grinding and clenching, infection, gum disease, and muscle and joint disorders, so when you visit Atwell Smiles in Perth, we’ll help take care of your mouth in a calming and soothing environment where you can trust us to fix or guide you for any stress-related problems.

Grinding & Clenching

Most people are not aware they grind or clench their teeth because more often than not, it occurs at night while they sleep. Signs to look out for include flatter tips of the teeth, visible loss of enamel, increasing sensitivity. Nervousness, tension, anger, anxiety and frustration have been linked to grinding and clenching. If you notice yourself or your family members exhibiting these signs, pop us a visit. At Atwell Smiles we’ll discuss with you the best way to move forward in teeth grinding treatment Perth and preventing further damage.

teeth grinding treatment
teeth grinding treatment

Infection & Gum Disease

Excessive stress has the potential to lower your immune system, which in turn increases risk of infection in the mouth and leads to gum disease. In its mildest form, gum disease can lead to inflamed or bleeding gums, while more serious forms result in bone loss, gum recession and tooth loss. Existing problems are made much worse during periods of prolonged stress. Through monitoring, timely treatment and stress management, we can prevent the worst of the conditions.

Muscle & Joint Disorders

In the dental world, we use the term ‘temporomandibular disorders’, or TMD, which refers to varying ailments that affect the muscles and joints of your jaw. TMD is a condition exclusive to the joint that connects your lower jaw to the rest of your skull, so if you experience sore jaw muscles or a popping and clicking sound, you may have one or the other. There may even be pain associated with moving your jaw up and down, making it difficult to talk or chew food. Our dental professionals at Atwell Smiles will listen to all your concerns and provide you with the best advice in helping fix your TMJ. We will closely examine your joint with every checkup visit and advise you on the most effective course of further action.

teeth grinding treatment