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Discover accessible dental care with Atwell Smiles Dental, your HBF Member Plus preferred provider. Experience tailored, proficient dental treatment with convenient payment options, enhancing your family’s dental health journey.

Efficient Dental Payments Through An HBF Member Plus Preferred Provider

Explore streamlined payment methods at Atwell Smiles Dental, a trusted HBF Member Plus provider. Our efficient options simplify dental visits for a seamless and stress-free dental experience.

Maximise Dental Care Benefits with HBF Member Plus

As an HBF Member Plus Preferred Provider, Atwell Smiles Dental offers an enhanced dental care experience. This affiliation allows patients to utilise their HBF dental cover benefits for quality care and financial efficiency. Our services align perfectly with HBF’s diverse coverage categories, including preventative, restorative, and major dental care.

Our partnership with HBF facilitates accessible dental treatments, including essential check-ups and preventive measures. HBF’s plan, particularly beneficial for preventative dental care, supports long-term oral health without financial constraints, making regular dental maintenance more manageable for our patients.

Choosing Atwell Smiles Dental with your HBF Member Plus means you can enjoy lasting, healthy smiles with the support of HBF’s structured dental cover options.

HBF Member Plus Preferred Provider Simplifies Your Dental Payment Experience

Experience simplified dental payments at Atwell Smiles Dental as an HBF Member Plus provider. Benefit from significant returns on preventive dental services, enhancing your dental treatment experience.

How HBF Member Plus Works for You at Our Clinic

When you visit our clinic, simply present your HBF membership details. We will explain whether your HBF plan covers the dental treatment you require. After any applicable waiting periods, check your dental benefits and limits through the HBF portal. This will provide clarity on what is covered and to what extent.

When ready, book your dental appointment at Atwell Smiles Dental, an approved HBF provider. Our team will assist with billing, applying your HBF benefits to your dental services, simplifying payment, and maximising your cover. Leverage your HBF Member Plus benefits with us for optimal dental care.

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Why Choose Us for Your Family's Dental Needs

Atwell Smiles Dental is a family-friendly dental clinic committed to providing quality dental care to meet your family’s unique needs.

Atwell Smiles: Your Trusted Dental Partner

Experience personalised care in a welcoming environment at Atwell Smiles Dental, where each visit is designed to meet your family's unique dental needs.

Quality Dental Services for Everyone

Atwell Smiles Dental provides a comprehensive range of quality dental services using advanced technology to deliver exceptional care for patients of all ages.

Dedicated to Compassionate Care

Experience gentle dental care at Atwell Smiles Dental, where we focus on a patient-centered approach. Our supportive team works to align our treatments with your individual oral health goals.

HBF dental health fund at Atwell Smiles Dental covers a comprehensive range of treatments organised into four main categories for your convenience:

  • Preventative dental:
    This includes essential dental services like examinations to evaluate the current status of your teeth and mouth. Also, it includes scale and clean to reduce plaque and tartar and custom mouthguards for protection, especially during sports.​​
  • Restorative dental:
    These minor treatments address common dental issues. An example is a simple filling treatment to prevent tooth decay and extractions. Surgical removal of wisdom teeth​​ may be included.
  • Major dental and implants:
    This category covers more complex dental procedures involving the restoration or replacement of teeth. Treatment includes crowns, bridges, endodontics (root canal therapy), and dental implants​​.
  • Orthodontics:
    HBF also covers orthodontic treatments that straighten teeth and improve issues with biting, chewing, and jaw alignment, including braces and palatal expanders​​.

We invite you to arrange a consultation with our dental team for specific details on dental cover. You may also confirm your eligibility for these services and get answers to your related questions.

Claiming dental expenses through HBF at Atwell Smiles Dental is a user-friendly process:

  • On-the-spot claims.
    You can immediately claim treatments covered under your dental extras policy at our clinic using HICAPS. Simply swipe or tap your HBF member card at the time of payment, and your claim will be processed instantly​​​​.
  • Online and app claims.
    Alternatively, submit your claim using the myHBF portal or the HBF app. Upload your treatment account and receipt details, and your benefit will be paid directly into your nominated bank account​​​​.
  • Other ways to claim.
    You can also visit an HBF branch with your member card and original receipts or mail your claim to HBF with completed forms and necessary documentation. In these cases, direct credit pays benefits into your bank account.​

Before making a claim, it’s advisable to check your current banking details on myHBF or the HBF app for a smooth transaction. Online claims are generally processed within seven working days, and you receive your benefits within 24 to 48 hours after processing. Request a benefit quote through myHBF​​to estimate your return amount.

HBF applies waiting periods for various dental services under its extras cover. These waiting periods are essential to understand when planning your dental treatments with HBF cover.

  • Major dental treatments.
    Includes procedures like root canals, crowns, bridges, and implants. The waiting period for these services is 12 months.
  • Orthodontics.
    For orthodontic treatments, there’s also a 12-month waiting period.
  • All other services.
    For most other dental services, a standard 2-month waiting period applies​​.

It’s important to verify your cover and waiting periods with HBF before scheduling dental procedures at Atwell Smiles Dental so you can receive your plan’s benefits.

The dental cover for your treatment cost is specific to your level of cover and the specific dental service being provided. It’s important to get a treatment plan from your dentist first, which includes the dental item numbers. With this information, you can contact HBF directly and help determine the benefits you are eligible for.

You may also make an appointment at Atwell Smiles Dental for an estimate benefit quote. Please be aware that waiting periods and annual limits on your dental cover may also influence the benefits available to you.

Yes, you can use your HBF cover for both preventative and major dental work at Atwell Smiles Dental. HBF includes a range of services, from essential check-ups and cleanings in the preventative dental category to more extensive procedures like crowns and implants under major dental procedures like implants.​

To understand the specific benefits and cover for your treatment, it’s advised to consult with Atwell Smiles Dental for a detailed treatment plan. Then, contact HBF for a specific benefit quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

We address common inquiries about using HBF Member Plus at Atwell Smiles Dental. We understand that navigating dental payments can often raise questions, particularly regarding health fund benefits and options.

Our FAQs section is designed to provide clear, helpful answers, making your payment process as smooth as possible.

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