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Experience compassionate dental care in the hands of a highly skilled dentist in Forrestdale. At Atwell Smiles Dental, we are dedicated to guiding families toward dental wellness with personalised, comprehensive services in a family-friendly environment.

Convenient Payment Options, Seamless Dental Care

Explore flexible payment options at Atwell Smiles Dental, designed to make exceptional dental care accessible for everyone.
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Afterpay CBHS Preferred Provider Child Dental Benefits Schedule Denticare HBF Members Plus HICAPS Humm Nib First Choice Dentist Smile.com.au Supercare Zip

Why Choose Us for Your Family's Dental Needs

Atwell Smiles Dental is a family-friendly dental clinic committed to providing quality dental care to meet your family’s unique needs.

Atwell Smiles: Your Trusted Dental Partner

Experience personalised care in a welcoming environment at Atwell Smiles Dental, where each visit is designed to meet your family's unique dental needs.

Quality Dental Services for Everyone

Atwell Smiles Dental provides a comprehensive range of quality dental services using advanced technology to deliver exceptional care for patients of all ages.

Dedicated to Compassionate Care

Experience gentle dental care at Atwell Smiles Dental, where we focus on a patient-centered approach. Our supportive team works to align our treatments with your individual oral health goals.

Atwell Smiles Dental, Fostering Healthy Smiles for Families

At Atwell Smiles Dental, we provide every family with tailored dental care, focusing on long-term oral health in a nurturing, trusting environment for a vibrant smile​.

Elevating Dental Care in a Friendly and Welcoming Atmosphere

Our dental clinic redefines the dental experience with our uniquely warm and welcoming approach. From the moment you step in, our team of dentists creates a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, making every visit as pleasant as possible.

Our goal centres around building trusting relationships with our patients. We take the time to know you and your family, creating personalised dental care plans catering to your unique needs. This patient-centric approach and our commitment to comprehensive dental services make Atwell Smiles Dental a trusted partner for maintaining your family’s oral health in a nurturing environment​.

Crafting a Future of Quality Dental Health for Families

We are dedicated to making our dental clinic a place where high-quality oral care is easily accessible and that families can trust. We understand that the foundation of quality treatment options lies in meticulous attention to detail and advanced dental technologies. Hence, our team of professionals is committed to staying updated with the latest advancements in dentistry.

Optimal oral health for families is our top priority. We achieve this through continuous training and education of our dental team so that each patient, regardless of age, receives exceptional care tailored to their needs.

Wide-Ranging Dental Treatments for Beautiful, Healthy Teeth

Achieve a brighter, healthier smile with Atwell Smiles Dental’s various dental treatment options. Our skilled, friendly team employ a holistic approach to addressing the unique dental needs of every family member for lasting optimal oral health.

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Secure your family's dental well-being with Atwell Smiles Dental. Book a consultation at our clinic today and start your journey to better oral health.

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Easy Payment Options for Stress-Free Dental Visits

Check out the wide range of flexible payment options available at Atwell Smiles Dental. We simplify your dental care experience and allow you to focus on your oral health without financial stress.

Quality, Cost-Effective Dental Care Using Various Payment Options

Meet Our Dental Team - Your Partners to Healthy Teeth.

Trust our highly skilled dental team at Atwell Smiles Dental for a wide range of high-quality dental care services.

According to the recommended frequency of the Australian Dental Association, routine dental check-ups should be scheduled every six to twelve months. Visiting your experienced dentist regularly is crucial for maintaining oral health, as they allow for early detection and treatment of potential issues, such as cavities or gum disease. However, some individuals may require more frequent visits, specifically those with existing dental conditions or high-risk factors.

The frequency of dental check-ups depends on your unique oral health needs. Hence, it’s essential to follow the personalised advice of your dentist to achieve optimal dental health.

At Atwell Smiles Dental, we prioritise maintaining a safe and clean environment in our clinic. We adhere to strict hygiene protocols, including the use of sterilised dental equipment for each patient. This commitment to proper cleaning procedures and hygiene is crucial for your health and safety.

Our focus also extends to clear communication about comprehensive treatment options, procedures, and anticipated outcomes. We believe that understanding your treatment can significantly alleviate your concerns.

The dentists at our clinic bring substantial experience to their clinic roles. They are proficient at relieving dental pain and relaxation techniques, which are essential to reducing discomfort during dental procedures and achieving the best possible outcomes.

The atmosphere of our dental clinic is established to instil calm from the moment you enter. Our waiting area is designed to be soothing, setting a positive and relaxed tone for your visit. This environment contributes to a more comfortable and pleasant experience for all our patients.

Our team of gentle dentists are well-trained to handle patients with dental anxiety and special needs. We carefully listen to your concerns about the dental procedure and your general tension towards visiting a dental clinic. Understanding the challenges you may be experiencing allows us to determine appropriate measures to alleviate them.

We offer sedative options, such as intravenous and inhalation sedation. These methods are essential to reducing fear and apprehension related to dental care and preventing discomfort. Patients can feel at ease and focus on the benefits of their dental treatments. Also, our dental staff are friendly and approachable; hence, you feel welcome during your appointment.

Our dental clinic is open from Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. We extend our business hours on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and close on Sundays.

We aim to provide convenient hours to accommodate your busy schedules. You can also make an online appointment via our booking system on our website, a less-hassle way to find available slots for your dental visits.

We offer emergency dental services on a case-by-case basis. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, we will promptly assess the situation to determine the appropriate course of action. Our goal is to provide immediate care and relief where possible, addressing urgent dental needs efficiently.

At Atwell Smiles Dental, we utilise cutting-edge dental technologies and techniques to provide a high standard of quality care:

  • Rotary endodontics.
    This modern approach to root canal therapy uses electrically powered instruments, allowing for more precise, efficient, and comfortable treatments than traditional methods.
  • Digital X-rays.
    We employ digital radiography for dental X-rays, offering enhanced image quality with lower radiation exposure. This modern technology offers precise diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • OPG (Orthopantomogram).
    Our dental clinic features an OPG, or full mouth X-ray, for comprehensive panoramic imaging of your mouth. This is crucial for evaluating overall oral health, planning orthodontic treatments, and diagnosing a wide range of dental issues.
  • Clear aligners.
    We offer clear aligners as a discreet alternative to traditional braces for orthodontic treatments. These aligners are custom-made, removable, and efficient for teeth straightening without the visibility of metal braces.

Each of these technologies and techniques reflects our commitment to advanced dental care, enhancing our treatments’ precision, comfort, and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide insightful answers to common inquiries about our dental clinic and general oral health. It’s a resource intended to clarify dental procedures so you feel informed and at ease about the care you receive.

We’ve compiled these answers to assist you in understanding our quality services, aiming to simplify your visit with clear, accessible information.

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