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At Atwell Smiles, we’re not just a dental clinic down the road. We’re your local family dentistry centre, where every time you walk in to see us, you feel welcomed and listened to. Our patients are comforted knowing they receive personalised, comprehensive, ongoing and coordinated oral care, no matter their age.

From children as young as three all the way through to your Nana and Pop, with everyone in between, our dental specialists offer a wide range of dentistry services tailored to suit your family’s needs Whether it’s your child’s very first time having a check-up, or an emergency procedure is required, Our dentists provide the highest standard of patient care and respect in Perth.

You and your loved ones will get high-quality dental health services and they deserve to ensure a superb experience at Atwell Smiles.

Our Services


We provide complete and comprehensive dental check-ups in modern, high-quality facilities with the support of highly trained professional


We know how active children can be, so we accommodate unique sports dentistry requests, from mouthguards to emergency dental work and management.


In keeping your teeth and gums healthy, we can show you and your family all the right tools and methods to create good habits when it comes to oral hygiene.


The Atwell Smiles team is here when you need us the most! Our dental team offers emergency services for those moments of severe pain or discomfort. Call us today to relieve the pain.


Our teeth whitening procedure brightens stains or discoloured teeth, and is a safe and proven way to improve your smile and boost your confidence.


Our professional staff can help assist with issues such as teeth grinding and clenching, as well as muscle and joint problems in your

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